Selecting the Best Location for a Colocation Provider

Choosing location to build colocation provider needs detail and thorough examination. You cannot randomly decide specific location without considering some variables and factors. Selecting the best location for a colocation provider must involve deep analysis from IT expert and administrators in order to obtain right and supportive environment for the provider.

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Selecting the Best Location for a Colocation Provider—Things to Consider

When you are in a project of selecting location for a colocation provider or data center, considering distance is not enough. More variables have been added to result appropriate and suitable location, therefore it will not lead any problem in the future. The followings are several aspects to take into account whenever selecting location for a colocation provider.

Weather patterns

It is inevitable that weather takes part when it comes to choosing the best location. Severe weather causes total damage of $1 billion in 2011, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Some weather conditions such as flood and storm potentially cause damage to infrastructure, so deep analysis related to weather patterns is necessary to avoid further damage. If the colocation provider must be built in a location with extreme weather, there should be specific design to prevent damages.

Seismic risk

In addition to weather pattern, another important variable that should not be missed is seismic risk. It cannot be denied seismic activity is increasing recently, with a lot of earthquakes around the globe. Choose a location with minimum seismic activity, therefore the building will not be prone to damage due to earthquakes. Some regions have higher risk of seismic activity than the others. When selecting the best location for a colocation provider, always remember that even a small seismic activity is able to cause serious damage to colocation data center.

Power grid

Power grid is an essential aspect to be on your priority list when it comes to selecting the best location. It is clear enough that power is the energy source to run the colocation data center, and it is such a waste of money to build a data center far away from the power grid infrastructure. Make sure the location gets access to good amount of power and there is no redundancy during the delivery. In fact, this aspect also related to weather pattern. For example, location with extreme heat requires more cooling as the power infrastructure may be stressed. As solution, you may consider multiple power sources to fulfill the power needs.


Building a data center must also consider the accessibility for some reasons. For instance, equipment and staff must be flown for support and it will be much more practical when the data center location has easy access, especially near highway and airports. This is considered as an important requirement.

In a nut shell, selecting the best location for a colocation provider cannot be performed randomly. There are some important variables and aspects that should be put in the top of priority in order to make sure the data center is well-built, safe, and accessible.

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