Rackspace Cloud Server Feature & Pricing

Rackspace cloud server feature & pricing is something that many people want to know, especially by those who run lots of important websites. Cloud server has become popular for the past decade. It basically replaces the usage of physical server, with all the hardware and storage, with something more advanced and safer. There are many providers of cloud server around the world, and each of them offers great plan and packages. Rackspace is one of them. If you are interested in Rackspace, here is the further information about this cloud server provider, particularly on the pricing.

Rackspace Cloud Server

What to Understand about Rackspace Cloud Server Feature & Pricing

There are many great things about Rackspace. However, you need to know two things more importantly: what can it gives you (the features) and how much money you have to pay to get the service from Rackspace (the pricing). Here is the information about both factors, so you can consider using cloud server provider as soon as possible.

The Essential Features of Rackspace

Rackspace is professional provider of cloud server. It has been around for a while and has served numerous websites, including those with extremely high traffics. For the features of this particular provider, you need to know some of the most essential one. Here they are:

The Storage

One of the most questioned factors when it comes to Rackspace cloud server feature & pricing is the storage. A good cloud server provider must be able to provide massive storage on affordable price. Thankfully, this is exactly what Rackspace is doing. It can provide more than 100 GB of cloud storage with very low cost. It is as low as $10 per month.

The Data Center Location

A cloud server should be having lots of data centers around the world. It will eventually enhance the safety of client’s data, and the speed of computing process. Rackspace has data centers scattered around the world. They are in six different regions including in Australia, Hong Kong, North America, and Europe.

The Pricing of Rackspace

In order to use the service of Rackspace, you need to know ballpark cost of using this cloud server provider. Basically, the most standard plan of Rackspace will cost you $115 per month. What can you get from paying that money? The plans are including 730 hours of usage. It also includes the cost to rent 1 CPU. The CPU is powered by 2 GB or RAM. As for the storage, this very standard plan gives 32 GB of storage. You can get more advanced plan of course, but with higher cost. The more advanced plan is including extended support plan and bigger storage. Those are the important things you need to know about Rackspace. Based on explanations above, it is quite clear that the price of cloud server provider is essentially higher, especially when it is compared to other similar provider. However, with all the features and services provided, it will worth the money for sure. The Rackspace cloud server feature & pricing is definitely satisfying, especially for those who are expecting great service.

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