Data Center Security Checklist

Those working in IT really understand how data center could be a potential prey for cyber-attack as well as unauthorized people who physically access the server. No matter how sophisticated a data center is, it requires sufficient protection to make sure the data is well protected. Either you choose simple or complex data center security

MaxCDN Feature & Pricing

MaxCDN feature & pricing are important to know, especially for those who plan to use content delivery network for their websites. Indeed, MaxCDN is one of the most prominent CDN providers all across the world. It has the ability to accelerate the website’s speed, particularly in delivering content, including videos. If you want to know

DNS Errors That Will Kill Your Network

There are quite a lot of DNS errors that will kill your network. DNS or Domain Name System is the kind of phone book of the internet. This system keeps and manages all the naming systems around the internet. That is why DNS is quite essential. If DNS is damaged because of some severe errors,

Cloudflare Feature & Pricing

For those who are working with websites, application, and internet, information about Cloudflare Feature & Pricing may be needed. Cloudflare is one of providers of Content Delivery Network. This company also provides services for network security. Basically, the services provide better connectivity of website and applications, so data and pages can be accessed easily and

Windows Azure Pricing

Azure is a cloud service that is established by Microsoft and has been used widely by customers worldwide. Since the tech company has a long history in this industry, it has global coverage. The platform offers flexible cloud-related services. Its clients are individuals and mega corporations that need cloud computing for day to day operations.

Linode vs OVH

There are many VPS hosts in the market offering interesting plans for website owners. This article will be discussing Linode vs OVH as VPS hosting providers. The two providers have been around for a while and gain followers who are interested in their offerings. Offers that these providers make are not similar since they also

Alibaba Cloud vs AWS

In this digital era, cloud computing is really important to any enterprise. It increases the efficiency of an organization by multiple times. Because the efficiency of work is increasing, certain expenses are no longer necessary so enterprise can shift focus onto other things. Choosing the best cloud computing service becomes an important task. This article

Alibaba Cloud Feature Pricing

Alibaba Cloud is a big cloud service company from China that offers highly varied services. It mostly provides services for online businesses in various scales. The company operates data centers in many regions around the world. Cloud services that are sold by this company are paid according to pay as you go system. Because of

Best Web Hosting Services in 2019

Website owner needs a host to enable people accessing their website through World Wide Web. The host will determine how website will perform. It influences how fast people are able to access the website and use it conveniently. The host also affects how site owners will be able to manage the website as well as