MaxCDN Feature & Pricing

MaxCDN feature & pricing are important to know, especially for those who plan to use content delivery network for their websites. Indeed, MaxCDN is one of the most prominent CDN providers all across the world. It has the ability to accelerate the website’s speed, particularly in delivering content, including videos. If you want to know more about MaxCDN, here is more information about it, particularly on the feature and pricing.

MaxCDN Feature & Pricing

All You Need to Know about MaxCDN Feature & Pricing

When people are interested in using MaxCDN, usually they will ask about two things: the features and the pricing. It is believed that people need to spend a lot of money to use CDN service. However, if the features are top-notch, the price will be something worthy. Here is the list of the features and pricing that MaxCDN has.

The Beneficial Features of MaxCDN

There are many features that MaxCDN has. This provider has been known all across the world to be one of the finest providers. This is why it keeps enhancing its features and improves its service from time to time. Down below are some of the most beneficial features that the provider has.

Bigger Storage

MaxCDN feature & pricing are well known because of its professional service. One of the best services that this provider can give is a massive storage. You do not need to worry about running out of space and storage because the CDN provider really gives you enormous space and storage to run the website.

Integrated Video Support

One of the best features from MaxCDN is the fact that it has integrated video support. This is why people who run video-based website would love to have the content delivery network service from MaxCDN. It really improves the speed of the video loading. It cuts the loading time so drastically and essentially improve the entire performance of the website.

Trustworthy Reports and Analytics

MaxCDN has some features related to reports and analytics. You do not need to analyze the behavior of the website on your own. You only need to relax because all reports and analysis have been done automatically by the provider. It shortens the time for you to examine your own website.

The Pricing of MaxCDN

The price is usually based on monthly basis. There are five different plans offered by MaxCDN. Each of them has different capacity of data to offer. They are 250 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 5 TB, and 10 TB, respectively. Here is the pricelist:

  • 250 GB Plan is priced $21 per month
  • 500 GB Plan is priced $39 per month
  • 1 TB Plan is priced $79 per month
  • 5 TB Plan is priced $299 per month
  • 10 TB Plan is priced $499 per month

Those are all you need to know about MaxCDN, especially on its features and pricing. This provider will give a speed benefit for your website, without a doubt, especially when the MaxCDN feature & pricing are beneficial as well.

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