Google Cloud Platform Feature Pricing

Google Cloud Platform feature pricing is one of the most asked questions on the internet. The platforms created by Google particularly to provide effective cloud storage. Many people ask about the features and pricing of this platform. If you are one of them, you can find the answer down below.

Google Cloud Platform Feature Pricing

The Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform Feature Pricing

The price you should pay to use the service of Google Cloud Platform basically depends heavily on the amount of data your website wants from the platform. It also revolves around how much storage that you need for the website as well as the need of computing. For further explanation, just read all of them down below.

Network and Data Transfer

Network or data transfer is one of the biggest factors that determine the eventual cost of the Google Cloud Platform. The cost from this factor is based on the per rack unit needed by client. The network hardware is obviously needed to do the basic tasks of websites, such as downloading, uploading, and transferring data.

This is why clients need to pay for the network hardware. They will have to pay the internal labor cost as well, along with the maintenance cost. The more rack unit a client needs, the bigger cost he should pay. Even so, most people who have tried to use Google Cloud Platform seem to think that the cost is not too expensive and relatively affordable.


Google Cloud Platform feature pricing also heavily depends on the storage. It is impossible these days to run a website without proper storage. The cost on storage is usually based on storage type that clients choose. There are several famous types of storages. Each of them provides different speed when it comes to storing data. Retrieving data comes in different speed as well.

For those who own big websites with lots of data to store every single day, the cost for storage in Google Cloud Platform is going to be a little higher. However, everything is worth the price, especially when your website is accelerated and fast.


Computing is very essential in websites. Platform like Google Cloud provides huge support on cloud computing. However, it does not come for free, of course. There will be the cost for CPU usage burdened to the clients. The cost on computing is counted per GB of RAM. The bigger RAM a website needs, the bigger the cost for sure.

Bigger RAM does make a website runs more smoothly, though. So, it is actually not a big deal to pay lots of money on computing, especially for those who run heavy-traffic website and video-based website. They do need massive RAM to make sure their website contents get delivered quickly and smoothly to visitors.

Even though the price to use Google Cloud Platform depends very heavily on your need, you can make sure that compared to other platform, the price which Google Cloud Platform has is considerably lower. That’s why you need to try this platform for sure in order to enhance the overall performance of website. The entire Google Cloud Platform feature pricing will surely never let you down a bit.

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