Digital Ocean vs Vultr

Virtual private server or VPS is getting more popular among website owners. It marries the desirable qualities of dedicated and shared server. Currently, many web hosting services offering VPS in increasingly competitive price. The features provided in each VPS are also distinctive. Through this article, you are going to learn about two renowned VPS hosts: Digital Ocean vs Vultr. These two servers give attractive and different features for affordable price. Let’s see how one server could be better than the other.

Digital Ocean vs Vultr

Features of Digital Ocean and Vultr

Despite servicing virtual private server to the public, these two services cannot get more different. Digital Ocean offers five different plans for its customers. The plans are Standard 1GB with 1 core, Standard 2GB with 1 core, Standard 4GB with 2 cores, CPU Optimized 4GB, and 1GB with 3 cores. Meanwhile, Vultr offers three plans for website owners. There are VC2 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB. Each of these plans is equipped with features that may slightly vary. With Digital Ocean, customers are getting more options. However, some people may prefer features offered in Vultr’s plans.

These hosts are quite competitive in terms of price. The cheapest plan from both hosts have starting price of $5. Digital Ocean plans range from $5 to $40 while Vultr plans start from $5 to $20. The great thing about Digital Ocean is that it employs pay-as-you-go system to its services. It also enables diverse payment options, such as PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. Vultr has wider range of payment options. It starts accepting bitcoin as payment currency.

Digital Ocean vs Vultr in terms of user friendliness should also be taken into consideration. Customers have stated that Digital Ocean is more preferable for beginner VPS users. The platform is equipped with a control panel that is easy to navigate. User can also deploy certain apps in short time easily. If user happens to run into troubles when utilizing the VPS, this company provides customer assistance that is responsive. Vultr is more appreciated by experienced VPS user because its interface is not as easy to navigate.

Customers of Digital Ocean will have access to extended documentations. These documentations cover issues that have occurred to other users in the past as well as ways to solve those issues. They can be found within community section of the company’s website. Vultr also provides documentations for users. However, many users reported that the documentations are not extensive and too complicated for beginners.

Vultr gives excellent performance if compared to other VPS hosts within similar level. Many users have bracketed several benchmarks of many VPS hosts and this web hosting service keeps coming on top. The VPS offers great CPU performance that supports the website even during peak periods. There are other benchmarks such as MySQL compilation times being considered. Digital Ocean VPS may not be able to give user similar performance.

There are other features that should make website owners decide wisely between Digital Ocean vs Vultr. Those include data center locations. Both hosts have established data centers in many places but one host might have built a center in certain region while the other has not. It all depends on customer’s needs.

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