Data Center Security Checklist

Those working in IT really understand how data center could be a potential prey for cyber-attack as well as unauthorized people who physically access the server. No matter how sophisticated a data center is, it requires sufficient protection to make sure the data is well protected. Either you choose simple or complex data center security checklist, you need to test the effectiveness of those protections. This helps you avoid unexpected things possibly happens both virtually or physically. There are several data center security choices that you should take into account, particularly the physical choices.

Data Center Security

Physical Data Center Security Checklist

Speaking of data center security options, there are several features to mention. They are generally divided into two main aspects, virtual and physical security. The following security checklist focuses on physical security that must not be missed when you are going to open or develop your own data center. What is the most recommended security for data center?

Physical barrier

This is the most basic standard when it comes to data center security checklist. A physical barrier can be built in form of fence with minimum height is 3 meters. Some data centers even build a 5-meter fence to maximize the protection of their server, avoiding unwanted people to access the room quite easily. The brick and mortar fence is considered more protective not only from human but also from potential disaster such as wind or storm.

Trembler wire

A trembler wire is one of most effective choices for data center security. This wire is set on top of the fence. Once someone climbs, kicks, or jump over the wire, it will activate the alarm. When the alarm is activated, it will also notify which zone is disturbed by unwanted people or animal. This is considered effective as the protection of your data is undoubted.

Surveillance camera

Easily known as CCTV, this feature is one of security checklist for data center. The main function of CCTV is watching around perimeter, especially for data center in countryside. The surveillance camera is typically features with low-light camera, motion detection, zoom, and other standard features. This allows you track whoever comes to the data center building and make trouble.

24/7 security guard

Having one guard or more ensure the security of your data center. While surveillance camera is only effective to keep footage, the security guard will be there to get rid of unwanted persons.


The last but not least security system for data center is biometrics. This is a high level of security system that requires a form of identification to make sure every single person who enter the data center and access every building, data floors, as well as individual areas.

Data center security is an essential aspect that should be taken into account. Paying attention to data center means you are concern enough in maintaining the security of data saved in the server. With high level physical data center security checklist, you will be able to protect the data center from unwanted persons.

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