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Best CDN Service 2019

Choosing the best CDN service 2019 is very essential, especially for those who runs multiple websites at a time. CDN or content delivery network is extremely needed in order to enhance the speed of a website to serve content to the website visitors. Without the right CDN service, a website will have to go slower

MaxCDN Feature & Pricing

MaxCDN feature & pricing are important to know, especially for those who plan to use content delivery network for their websites. Indeed, MaxCDN is one of the most prominent CDN providers all across the world. It has the ability to accelerate the website’s speed, particularly in delivering content, including videos. If you want to know

DNS Errors That Will Kill Your Network

There are quite a lot of DNS errors that will kill your network. DNS or Domain Name System is the kind of phone book of the internet. This system keeps and manages all the naming systems around the internet. That is why DNS is quite essential. If DNS is damaged because of some severe errors,

Cloudflare Feature & Pricing

For those who are working with websites, application, and internet, information about Cloudflare Feature & Pricing may be needed. Cloudflare is one of providers of Content Delivery Network. This company also provides services for network security. Basically, the services provide better connectivity of website and applications, so data and pages can be accessed easily and