Best Windows VPS Service 2019

People use VPS to do many things, such as website hosting, remote access, VPN, and business activity. There are two major VPS types: Linux and Windows. Both have the same purpose as VPS, but not in the platform and system. Linux VPS uses open source software, while Windows needs license from Microsoft. In order to find the right one, you need to know the best windows VPS service 2019. Many providers offer interesting and attractive service. Which one is the best of all? Read the next sections for further explanation.

Best Windows VPS Service 2019

List of the Best Windows VPS Service 2019


Windows hosting and server are suitable for beginner and professional. Microsoft released some techs support, such as ASP, NET framework, and SQL Server that solely based on Windows. If your website uses them, Windows VPS is the best choice. One of prominent providers in this industry is GoDaddy. The service is varying from VPS, dedicated hosting, domain, etc. You can select which VPS package you need. Besides, GoDaddy has offered to expand recent service to adjust with customer needs.


Next list is Hostgator. In general, the offers seem similar to other providers. However, the company has a support that’s ready anytime you want. Hostgator provides bundling package for Windows VPS. You can choose personal or business option.


The next choice in the best windows VPS service 2019 list is Liquidweb. What kinds of services you get form this provider?  Liquid provides VPS alongside additional supports. They are free domain name with vast and big bandwidth, DDOS protection, upgraded to newer platform, and remote access from several modes. Liquidweb has server that’s capable to handle high traffic. It is reliable for business or hosting popular website.


You can consider 1&1 IONOS as another option for the best Windows VPS. The service is reliable with latest technology. The server provides some options based on what customer needs. Besides, SSD gives fast processing session that makes easy access in real time. The tech support will help to overcome any issue anytime.

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon expands to cloud computing business. For VPS, the company offers Amazon Lightsail consisting of Windows and Linus server. There are some factors why this provider becomes the best option. Amazon gives big data management and server, includimg the best hardware and software. You do not have to worry about security issue anymore. More importantly, the service is flexible based on what customer uses. You do not need to get month subscription, but only pay when you access it immediately. Another good thing is cloud computing that helps to adjust with any device.

Beside the list above, there are still many Windows VPS providers. Before purchasing, you need to consider few things. Windows is proprietary platform, which means you pay license and support to Microsoft. In that case, the cost for VPS is higher than Linux. The software is different from Linux, but with the same functionality. In Windows VPS, you can use Plesk not cPanel. Furthermore, the hosting also supports majority CMS like WordPress and Joomla. The best windows VPS service 2019 will provide everything that customers need and want ultimately.

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