Best Dedicated Server Provider 2019

Dedicated server has been long known as a convenient option for anyone wishes to own special server of their own. Instead of sharing with other clients, dedicated server allows you to use the server for any purpose that you want to do. It means there will be no interference from other users or clients that ensures your website is responsive all the time. Nowadays, there are several examples of best dedicated server provider 2018. Each of them comes with plus and minus, that is why you need to check the room after the students are finished.

Dedicated Server

Top 4 Best Dedicated Server Provider 2018

When it comes to the best choice of dedicated server, there should be standard for the ideal server. For example, it should be able to provide high quality connection for lower price. Even though this example sounds impossible for today’s business, the following are several car choices that are recommended anytime. At the time you are going to buy specific plan from dedicated server provider, always remember to find as much information to enrich your knowledge as well as help you find the best one.


1&1 is a German-based dedicated server which is known as a budget provider. 1&1 is chosen mostly by website newbies, one of the reasons is because it provides affordable plan ranging from $56 per month for the first three month, and $78 for the next months. Even though it has to cut several things to hit the price including provide limited hardware, this server provider is able to offer upgraded network bandwidth up to 1Gbit per second. 1&1 IONOS also features server management as well as SSD drivers that charge extra.


Another best dedicated server provider 2018 is Hostwinds which receives tons of good reviews for affordable price and ample storage. You are also allowed to customize or prefab Windows or Linux-based dedicated server which starts from $100 per month.


Who does not know HostGator? The well-known dedicated server has been around for a while. So far, HostGator provides several hosting options and packages, allowing the clients to choose the best plan according to their preference. This server provider also provides some features such as customization of storage, data transfers, and RAM. The best, part is the fact that it offers unlimited data transfers, a feature which cannot be found on other server provider. The affordable plan from HostGator starts from $124.50 per month.

Liquid Web

The last but not least best dedicated server provider is Liquid Web. This server hosting can be used both for Linux and Windows-based. The most important, it does not provide shared hosting. Therefore, the plan you purchase will be dedicated to you. The server plan costs range widely, starting from $859 per month that includes several configurations to choose such as high end dual core processor.

To determine if specific server provider is the best, there are several aspects to take into account such as services, plan packages, and costs. The four choices above are the best dedicated server provider 2018 that provides benefits not only from the service but also affordable price and various plans.

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