Best Control Panel for Dedicated Server

Working with website will require the best control panel for dedicated server. This is very important to manage the account and domain. As the name, it is the tool to manage domain, starting from setting, appearances, and other aspects of domain. The goal is to make the web easily managed and controlled. The control panel may be less useful in the early step of website. It is because the web still needs less management to develop it. However, when it has entered higher level, web owner and developer will need the tool since the web will demand higher complexity in its domain management. It will require the tool.

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Choosing the Best Control Panel for Dedicated Server

In fact, the control panel is required in web and domain management. Even when there is web-developer, control panel is still needed. Related to this, there are many products of control panel. Therefore, choosing the most suitable one is necessary. There are some points to consider in choosing the most suitable control panel.


It is very important to consider the features. All products offer various features for customers. Of course, it is not just choosing based on the number of features. Each feature will have its own function, and each web will have different needs. That’s why choosing suitable packages of features is necessary, and it is not just the matter of numbers of the features.

Number of domains to handle

When the website develops, it is possible to have many domains to manage. In this case, it is important to look for the best control panel for dedicated server that can provide broad access of domains. Some control panels give access to manage multiple domains just by using a single license. This must be considered well.

User interface

It becomes another important point. When there is web developer, owner of the web will not need this kind of point since most developers will not have problems with any kinds of interface. It will be harder for those who are not familiar and have to learn step by step. By choosing control panel with good interface, operating and accessing the control the panel is easy to do.


This will be the last part to consider. There are actually providers and companies which provide free access for control panel. They can be in term of free trial or fully-free package. However, it will have fewer features compared to the paid ones. However, it is important to compare the price together with services offered with those prices. It will be important thing. Those are some important things to consider in choosing suitable control panel. The tool is very useful for managing the domain and website. However, it will be less effective when it is not easy to use and the features are not suitable for certain functions needed by website. Therefore, those points may be needed in order to find the suitable and best control panel for dedicated server, including the price.

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