Best CDN Service 2019

Choosing the best CDN service 2019 is very essential, especially for those who runs multiple websites at a time. CDN or content delivery network is extremely needed in order to enhance the speed of a website to serve content to the website visitors. Without the right CDN service, a website will have to go slower when delivering the content. This is why CDN service is sought all around the world. If you want to find out more about content delivery network service, keep reading because all information you need is written down below.

Best CDN Service 2019

4 Best CDN Service 2019 Everyone Should Choose

Since CDN service is needed everywhere, there are many companies offering service of content delivery network. If you plan to use CDN service to improve the speed of your website and eventually accelerate the way it delivers the content, you will find more than a dozen of CDN service providers. How to choose the best one? Apparently, reputation should be your number one priority. These are some of the best, well-reputed CDN service providers in 2019 that you should choose.


Cloudfare is one of the most popular CDN services in the USA. Even though it is a USA-based CDN, many people in Europe and even Asia use the service from Cloudfare as well. Cloudfare is loved for its easy-to-use interface and simple setup. It has automatic feature to serve the content to the nearest location of the visitors, making everything faster and better.


MetaCDN comes from Australia. Even though it is not coming from the USA or UK, its name has been well-known beyond Australia. It goes global because of its excellent service. MetaCDN has the ability to manage multiple websites from over 100 locations all across the world. With the help of MetaCDN, your website will get accelerated and please your visitors. This is why MetaCDN is known as one of the best CDN service 2019.


Fastly is a professional CDN service that has been around for decades. This is why Fastly is trusted by lots of big companies, such as Reddit, to run their website. Fastly is mostly based in the United Kingdom. However, it has fast speeds in other parts of the world as well. One of the best things about Fastly is the fact that its service is highly customizable and friendly toward users.


If this is your first time using CDN, you need KeyCDN. This provider understands that running a website is not easy for everyone. They give user friendly interface and low budget for those who want to learn and try. The dashboard is extremely well-designed and allows everyone to understand the entire process with ease.

Those four CDN services above are very professional and well-known across the globe. Using their help to enhance the speed of website, you will certainly get more visitors. Considering that fast website will attract more visitors and please everyone, it is very important to use the content delivery network service from professional providers. The best CDN service 2019 obviously will accelerate the web speed and increase your profit.

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