AWS S3 Feature Pricing

Some people are complaining the AWS S3 billing that gets more complicated. In fact, recent AWS S3 feature pricing allows the users to identify the cost and possible extra charges. By identifying them, the users are able to evaluate the charges and costs they have to pay as well as improve cloud efficiency. It is a necessary to get to know the feature pricing of AWS S3, so you will not be surprised to get the bill and or gives you solution at the time you wish to carry out budget efficiency.

AWS S3 Feature Pricing

AWS S3 Feature Pricing: Understand the Cost

Users of AWS S3 typically store content which is frequently accessed by audiences, colleagues, and others who want to access the data. Some data are actually unimportant but require redundant storage. Meanwhile, there are also some data which are hardly touched, yet require storage due to regulatory reasons. AWS S3 provides solution for this issue, allowing the users to specify which class of their S3 to use for the data. There are generally three types of AWS S3 as follows:

S3 Standard

This is the standard type commonly used for individuals and businesses. This type allows you to create storage account, determine region to locate the data, use the data, and get billed only for what you use. For S3 Standard, you will be charged $0.023 / GB for first 50 TB or storage per month. The next 450 TB you will be charged $0.022 / GB and it will cost $0.021 / GB for over 500 TB per month.

S3 Standard – Infrequent Access

Furthermore to AWS S3 feature pricing, there is S3 Standard – Infrequent Access to choose. The package is suitable for users who access the data less frequently, but require rapid access whenever it is needed. S3 Standard – Infrequent Access is ideal for backups and long term storage. It is also popularly used for disaster recovery. This type is relatively cheaper to store over time, but not for transfer or retrieve data.

For the first 50 TB, S3 Standard – Infrequent Access will cost $0.0125 / GB. You will be charged the same amount of money for the next 450 TB and for over 500 TB per month. This is an efficient storage option, especially if you access the data less frequently.

AWS Glacier

Even though Glacier does not belong to S3 class, this type is suitable for long term and less frequently accessed data. AWS Glacier is ideal for end-of-lifecycle data which cannot be deleted or other long term data. It can be restored any time at various speeds using several different methods. Speaking of the cost, AWS Glacier is considered the cheapest of the others. It costs $0.004 / GB for the first 50 TB, the next 450 TB, and over 500 TB per month.

After knowing the AWS S3 feature pricing, now you are able to decide which one suits you the best. Consider your needs of data and frequency of accessing the data, so you can consider which package suits you best.

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