Best CDN Service 2019

Choosing the best CDN service 2019 is very essential, especially for those who runs multiple websites at a time. CDN or content delivery network is extremely needed in order to enhance the speed of a website to serve content to the website visitors. Without the right CDN service, a website will have to go slower

Tips for AWS Cost Optimization

There are many tips for AWS cost optimization. AWS of Amazon Web Service offers great service indeed related to cloud computing and other technologies. However, as your business gets bigger and bigger, the cloud computing which your business needs is surely going to be bigger as well. It is possible, of course that you will

AWS S3 Feature Pricing

Some people are complaining the AWS S3 billing that gets more complicated. In fact, recent AWS S3 feature pricing allows the users to identify the cost and possible extra charges. By identifying them, the users are able to evaluate the charges and costs they have to pay as well as improve cloud efficiency. It is

Digital Ocean vs Vultr

Virtual private server or VPS is getting more popular among website owners. It marries the desirable qualities of dedicated and shared server. Currently, many web hosting services offering VPS in increasingly competitive price. The features provided in each VPS are also distinctive. Through this article, you are going to learn about two renowned VPS hosts:

Selecting the Best Location for a Colocation Provider

Choosing location to build colocation provider needs detail and thorough examination. You cannot randomly decide specific location without considering some variables and factors. Selecting the best location for a colocation provider must involve deep analysis from IT expert and administrators in order to obtain right and supportive environment for the provider. Selecting the Best Location

Rackspace Cloud Server Feature & Pricing

Rackspace cloud server feature & pricing is something that many people want to know, especially by those who run lots of important websites. Cloud server has become popular for the past decade. It basically replaces the usage of physical server, with all the hardware and storage, with something more advanced and safer. There are many

Best Dedicated Server Provider 2019

Dedicated server has been long known as a convenient option for anyone wishes to own special server of their own. Instead of sharing with other clients, dedicated server allows you to use the server for any purpose that you want to do. It means there will be no interference from other users or clients that

Best Windows VPS Service 2019

People use VPS to do many things, such as website hosting, remote access, VPN, and business activity. There are two major VPS types: Linux and Windows. Both have the same purpose as VPS, but not in the platform and system. Linux VPS uses open source software, while Windows needs license from Microsoft. In order to

Best Control Panel for Dedicated Server

Working with website will require the best control panel for dedicated server. This is very important to manage the account and domain. As the name, it is the tool to manage domain, starting from setting, appearances, and other aspects of domain. The goal is to make the web easily managed and controlled. The control panel

Google Cloud Platform Feature Pricing

Google Cloud Platform feature pricing is one of the most asked questions on the internet. The platforms created by Google particularly to provide effective cloud storage. Many people ask about the features and pricing of this platform. If you are one of them, you can find the answer down below. The Fundamentals of Google Cloud